“Osteopathy is a way of treating the functional before it becomes truly pathological. This book positions osteopathy in the health system as a true active health prevention”  Dr Dominique BARON, Rheumatologist, Specialist in rebellious pain.

“A great demonstration of the links between the organic and the metabolic in our body”  Pr Gilber VERSIER, Associate Professor, Orthopedic surgeon.

“A response to dissatisfied patients full of drugs. In my medical activity within large insurance groups, I have worked for many years so that osteopathy is taken care of as far as we could have bases its effectiveness and the quality of the health professionals exercising it. This book brings us the answers we expected ”  Pr Marcel GARNIER, Supplementary health insurance.

“This book brings real hope to people who are suffering for no apparent medical reason”  Mr. Robert Lafont, President of the Lafont Presse Group.



Osteopath and micronutritionist for 30 years, I created a method that brings together conventional western scientific knowledge and that of traditional oriental medicine. This method is global, natural and universal. His pedagogy enlightens you on the mechanism of installation of functional disorders and brings you the keys so that you become an actor of your health. My hands are tools that speed up the healing process. Taught with my colleagues, this method is now accessible through this book to bring relief to all those who suffer from the back.

Jean-Pierre Marguaritte

A public health issue

In its conclusions, the report of the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs reveals that 85% of occupational diseases are linked to musculoskeletal disorders. One in three people suffer from the back which, in more than half of the cases, originates from an abdominal problem whether it is a dysfunction of the liver, the intestine, the stomach, the colon or the pancreas. This scourge can only be combated when symptomatic and standardized medicine evolves towards global and individualized medicine .

What you will learn

On the body

The body is a whole, all the elements which constitute it are interdependent

On the liver

The liver coordinates all the functions of the body but cannot manifest itself in pain in the event of dysfunction

On traffic

Poor circulation conditions the installation of functional disorders that create the bed of illnesses.

On food

The choice of food is important and the combination of some of them is the source of many digestive disorders.

What you will understand

Why was chronic sciatica associated with extreme fatigue relieved by eliminating café au lait?
Why could constant pain at the level of the shoulder blades, in connection with heartburn, have disappeared by removing the jam at breakfast?
Why the regular consumption of yogurt or cottage cheese can be responsible for bloating and lower back pain?
Why drinking two coffees a day can be enough to trigger nausea and migraines?

What you will learn

All people whose state is between health and illness

All people with drug resistant disorders

All people who wish to free themselves from these evils which harm their daily well-being

All people who wish to maintain a good state of physical and moral health.


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About the Author


Jean-Pierre Marguaritte  was born in 1951. Since 1984, he has been practicing osteopathy. Logic, analogy and symbolism, his meetings with personalities from the scientific and medical world, guided him in his search for knowledge.

His practice allowed him to experiment with a care methodology which he now transmits to his colleagues. A preventive and active medicine which is aimed at all people whose state is between health and disease.

Aware of the urgent need to bridge the gap between the needs of the population and the health service provided, in 2007 he created the EUROPROMOSTEO association in order to form a group of

It is by demonstrating the savings in health and provident expenditure achievable by osteopathy that he intends to obtain from the Mutuals a significant assumption of responsibility for the care to make it financially accessible to All. Expert at the Court of Appeal of Versailles, administrator and coordinator of the group “manual therapies” within GETCOP (Group of Evaluation of Personalized Complementary Therapies), he defends a rational osteopathy and in accordance with its historical principles.

Jean Pierre Marguaritte


Author, Back pain is on the plate

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